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Make to sales Orders

Hi there

We are just moving in to a Make to order scenario for some our products. We actually source from a supplier and do not manufacture ourselves but the principal remains

I have set the parameters up so that the creation of the sales order generates a pur requisition and when we create the purchase order then their is a link all the way from Sales order to PO. All that appears to be working fine, however, I am currently doing some testing and have come across a situation that I cant work out. Lets say for example we have placed the Po and this has arrived from the supplier and been receipted on to stock. I can see the stock reserved for the sales order as I would want it to be. Now since the goods have been delivered we have damaged one of the items so I now have to take the product off stock - Let us say 5 pieces were receipted, we have damaged one, therefore I am now one piece short to complete the sales order. How do I now generate a new Pur requisition for the item damaged? Does this have to be a manual process? Can this be an automated process?

Thanks for yout help



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3 Answers

  • Apr 30, 2018 at 06:39 PM

    This has nothing to do with MTO or MTS scenario. How is this even "same principle"? There is no manufacturing and no production order involved.

    What you're describing is called a third party order process. If you search for this keyword you'll find many existing posts on SCN. It should also be covered in the SAP documentation. There is the whole Wiki page on this, which can be found in Google:

    It references several SAP FAQ Notes which I believe will answer your question in full detail.

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  • May 01, 2018 at 07:34 PM

    To avoid further potential misunderstanding - the process that you describe is named Individual Purchase order.

    If I understood you correctly, after GR for the PO you had 5 EA of sales order stock (E). Then you posted 1 EA to scrap with 551, as a result of which you can only ship 4 EA to the customer.

    I am not an expert on the topic, but I do not really see how or why this should be an automated process. From a vendor's perspective the transaction was completed with these 5 EA, if you really want to deliver the whole ordered quantity, including the missing 1 EA - you need to get this 1 EA from somewhere, for example, you could buy it or if you have some quantity of this product in the warehouse - you could take it from there. This is an exceptional case, maybe it should not be automated... #justmy2cents.

    Have you discussed the scenario with the Finance and the Logistics department? It is quite possible that the business does not even ask for automation in this case...

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    • The difference is actually WHO delivers the goods to the customer. If the 3rd party delivers the goods to the customer on your behalf then it is a 3rd party process. If the 3rd party delivers to you, then you deliver to the customer then it is covered by the Individual PO process. You are basically ordering the stock from another party before delivering to your customer.

      Good to see the help documentation still detailing this classic business process. This details the 3rd party process.

      From the thread, the Purchase requisition obviously created automatically and usually after a set trigger the PO is created automatically. Most customers would prefer this versus the administration burden of having someone sit their and generate the PO. Getting back to the problem. If the adjustment is required AFTER the documents have been processed then a simple credit memo should suffice.

  • May 08, 2018 at 06:21 AM

    Also, you may need to re run availability check in the sales order and deliver the confirmed 4 qty after taking back your scrap as stated above. Once you get the 1 qty back into stock again deliver the remainder (balance) only if customer allows partial deliveries.

    If that does not fulfill requirement add another line item to the sales order for that 1 qty it will generate the PR.

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