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Where is the calculation rule of the total sum in the quotation item in VA22 tcode ?

Apr 30 at 11:49 AM


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Hello guys,

do you know how can I get the calculation rule for the item price (Sum total) , that it's getting automatically calculated when the material, quantity and item number is entered in the Item level of a quotation created with VA21/VA22 transactions ?

Please be aware that i have checked the KONV table, but it's empty in my case. NETPR field (in this shot below is 17,56) and NETGEW field are available in VBAP table, but I need to select KBETR value (total sum of the item).

Can anyone support me with this ?

Thank you!


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How could KONV be completely empty? Can you post a screen of the Conditions tab? Would have to see it to believe it.

In general, the information on what goes where would be found in the pricing procedure.


Hi Jelena,

Item condition tab is not empty ,but KONV table it's empty , so it has zero records stored in it ! I suppose it exists an work around table that stores all the conditions and KBETRs for items, because SAP provides the information correctly in VA22 ! It's quite urgent to have this info .

Best ,



This is a screen shot with item condition tab , which is not empty. But these are not stored in KONV, as already mentioned above

capture.png (94.9 kB)
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Veselina Peykova Apr 30 at 05:28 PM

In standard this is the rate of PR00 condition type. In your case this is some Z*-condition (hard to tell the exact name, because you obscured it). Which condition appears there depends on the setting in OVKK.

This means that you need to look in KONV for the line with this Z* condition type and get the KBETR for it.

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Condition type it's ZPC0 - Catalog price and it looks maintained in OVKK .

The only issue is that KONV table hasno entries and I cannot find an work around where this information is stored in order to get the KBETR value.

capture.png (66.5 kB)

When you say that KONV has no entries - did you mean before saving the document? Before you save, of course you cannot view the result in SE16 for KONV, it will be still in XKOMV.

If you cannot find any entries in KONV after saving - how exactly did you select these? First you need to search in VBAK with VBELN = your order number to get KNUMV and then select from KONV with the determined KNUMV.


KONV table stores no records ! But there are records stored in KONP. Any advice if this could help to get KBETR ? I've also checked the KNUMH value from VBAP in order to get entry in KONP, but the VBAP-KNUMH si always empty for my items . I have only filled the VBAK-KNUMV field..


Why are you using VBAP-KNUMH? You just need VBAK-KNUMH, the VBAP one is for something completely different...

When you select from KONV with KNUMH from VBAK you will get the data for all items, if you want to see for a specific item you restrict further by KPOSN.


As Veselina correctly pointed out, you must be just looking at it wrong. There must be records in KONV. You can easily use SQL Trace (ST05) transaction to see what tables are used and which data is read/written when you perform a transaction.



I could take the KBETR value using BAPI_QUOTATION_GETDETAILBOS and read condition items. But it's much more time consuming. I don't know the reason for which the KONV table it's empty, only KONP table stores records in it.

Have a good day,