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How can I access function's argument ?


I'm working on a project with Lumira Designer and I need a little tip.

So, I want to create a function in order to manage the display of my story. I created an application, with the composite and inside this one I create the function. This function has 3 input parameters.
In the Application's script, I found my function but I can't access to the chart, text object or whatever inside my composite. So it's impossible to set the input parameters.

Do you know a way to do this ?



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  • Hi Joe - I think it would be helpful if you shared some screen shots, along with version/ SP of Lumira you are using to the community can better assist you.

  • Hi Tammy,

    I'm using Lumira Designer 2.1

    I will try to explain my issue with more details :

    I have a function inside my composite ( cf : picture n°1). This function needs 3 input parameters.

    I created an application with the "composite" component above.

    Now I want to call this function in the application's script which manage the "onStartup" event. (cf picture n°2). But I can't reach the objects inside the composite, which are the parameters for the function...

    As you see, I can see the object "story1_1" but nothing else, I would like to see my several components which are in the composite (cf picutre 1).

    I hope this message can help you to better understand the problem.



    capture1.png (17.8 kB)
    capture2.png (17.9 kB)
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