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User-Defined Payment File Formats - Condition Control

In SAP Business ByDesign while creating a File Structure Format for Outgoing Bank Transfer how to create a condition controls whether or not a row will appear.


Chempian Pontie

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  • Hi Chempian,

    We have understood that you are trying to create some conditions.

    Could you let us know in detail what is the condition that you are trying to configure?



  • Hi Manasa,

    I have created a customized file format based on the specifications provided which is similar to standard SAP ByD provided ACH_CCD_PPD . Need to understand the logic for building the condition(s) that will bring the Addenda record for every Entry Detail Record. Also refer the screen-shot for Sequence for records.

    Thanks in advance.

    Chempian Pontie

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1 Answer

  • May 02, 2018 at 05:33 PM

    Hi Chempian,

    The conditions in custom structures works based on a data source, which will hava the data you want to validate, an operator (e..g. equal to, less then, not equal, etc), a constant value to be checked against the data source value and the And/or to aggregate conditions further for that field/entry.

    See below example:

    In this example, I have an entry named "Memo Line Condition_True" and another one named "Memo Line Condition_False".

    For "Memo Line Condition_True" I'm saying that if the payment order has a memo line content equal to 1, then the content of "

    "Memo Line Condition_True" will appear in the outbound file. In this case, the content is a Constant that I've set as 'True1'.

    For the "Memo Line Condition_False" I created a simular logic, but with condition Equal To 0 (Zero) and a value as 'False0'.

    Below is a screenshot of the outbound file created for two payment orders. One has memo line = 1 a the other has memo line = 0

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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    • Hi Chempian,

      Same logic applies for Record Level. Meaning that, if at record level, you set a condition like "Memo" "Equal To" "0" the system will shown only the records (lines) that have memo line as Zero.

      For example, I've created both payment orders in the same file (No conditions at record level yet):

      After that, I've changed the payment file structure and set a condition at record level ->

      "Memo" "Equal To" "0"

      When creating the payment file for both payments together again, the result is as follows:

      Since payment 44 is the one which has memo line as 0. Payment 45 has memo line 1, hence not shown.