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ABAP Test Cockpit(ATC) naming convention issue

Apr 28 at 04:11 AM


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Hello All,

I am trying to configure ATC for our SAP system. I have created a code inspector check variant and maintained it in ATC configuration. All the other checks are working as desired but it shows error for all the naming convention.

For example, I have maintained the naming convention for constants as 'C_*'.

But if I declare a constant as C_TEST I get error as "Invalid Name ... for CONSTANTS (Global)".

This error is occurring is for not only constants but all the naming conventions. But when I execute it only through the code inspector via tcode SCII I am not getting this error.

Can anyone please help me understand what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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Not answering your question, but I would like to point out that your variable naming standards seem to vary from DSAG recommendations and SAP's own guidelines.


Thanks Matthew, the DSAG recommendations seems interesting and helpful. I'll have a read and see if we can incorporate any of the suggestions.

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1 Answer

Fabian Lupa Apr 29 at 09:59 AM

Some ideas:

Are you sure your configured ATC variant is executed and not the default one?

Also there a two separate options for naming conventions in ATC, one is using SLIN and the other is not if I recall correctly. If you have both activated you'll get confusing results.

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Hi Fabian, thanks for the reply. I hope you are talking about the below 2 options. As you can see, I have checked only one of them.

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