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SAP HANA Dashboard error

Hello experts ,

we have customer with live database showing dashboard error see attached image

, he have HANA version 1.0 and SAP 9.2 PL10 , i tried the following :

1- on same server of customer i created empty database it did not show any error , showing dashboard with no data and that's correct since it is empty.

2- i moved other database with working dashboard on customer server and initialize it , it worked perfectly.

3- i moved this live database from customer server to our server reinitialize it again showing same error.

4- i deleted original package of database name from HANA packages and re-initialize it still showing same error

dashboard unknown error ...

the problem with SAP support it is very slow ,if you created case with SAP support they will reply you after 2-3 days and that too long , we need to sign enclose with our customer but he don't want to sign unless we solve this issue.

i have done everything possible...same old story

anyone can help and advise ?



dashboarderror2.png (101.1 kB)
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  • Hello,

    I've the same problem

    I know, we can change the query in query manager, but the problem is, we can't save / replace the query in system folder ?

    how can i save in system folder ?

    if can't I have to save query to another folder & then edit every dashboard error, it's so troublesome.

    Is anyone know how to solve this easily ?

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    Apr 27, 2018 at 02:39 PM

    ok i tried everything possible , deleted old package of schema from editor of packages of hana studio , reinitialize the database .. but nothing worked.

    ok since moderator did not agree to get help from sap i helped myself and solved the issue .

    what i discovered the delivery unit containing all calculationviews inherited the script from other schema which is no longer exist

    , what the wrong was database inherited the calculation view from other database called “xxxxxxlive18” and this schema is no longer exist , I opened pervasive analytics -> Dashboard designer , i got same error , when I edited source I found the error with query:

    i changed the name of schema the current name schema by change xxxxxlive18 to yyyyy.live18.

    executed the query now it is work , now i should work on all cases to see if there any wrong name of schema that might take time.

    so the quickest way to do this from hana studio , scroll to _SYS_BIC schema -> open column view -> then double click on schema column view you will get the script.

    but modifying script from hana studio is not easy since these calculation views are read only , i prefer to modify it manually from SAP Business one .. after modification , i helped myself and now issue solved.

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