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SAP Work Manager - ESRI Integration

Apr 27 at 05:28 AM


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I am trying to enable WM-ESRI integration but I have encountered few issues. Based on my experience so far, I have a few questions/comments on Work Manager ESRI integration.

Security between WM and ESRI server:

I was able to get WM-ESRI Integration to work on a windows client but we had to configure ZERO authentication ESRI URLs in config panel. However, as per my company’s policy we can not use unsecured URLs to read the map data from ESRI server.

Can you explain how does the security/authentication works between WM and ESRI?

How does the security needs to be set up for WM-ESRI Integration to work on mobile devices that are outside company’s network?

Do we need to do custom development to handle the security aspect?

This is a very crucial part that needs be addressed but I did not find this mentioned in any of the standard documentations on ESRI integration.

Building GIS client:

  • Per SAP’s standard documentation, for mobile devices we need to rebuild the agentry client with custom GIS controls. The instructions given by SAP still talks about old SDK and it may not be supported by the latest versions of IOS/Android. We rebuilt an IOS client, per instructions given by SAP, but we couldn’t even see the base maps in location tab.
  • Also from a future maintenance perspective how are we going to deal with version upgrades from IOS and Android.

In a nutshell, the standard documentation says that the ESRI integration works out of the box but apparently we need to do some additional work there to get this to work.

Please let me know if I am missing something here. I will greatly appreciate your inputs on this.



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1 Answer

Ray Isada
May 04 at 02:22 PM

Hi Abhishek -

This Quick Guide contains valuable information with regards to integrating ESRI with Work Manager - please review and let us know if you have any specific questions afterwards.



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