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high GUI time in ST03

I found high GUI time in ST03.

Example: In last minute's load --> workload overview -->

Start of interval 27.10.2008 07:43:00

End of interval 27.10.2008 07:58:00

Time period 0 Day(s) 00:15:01

I found 1280ms Roll wait time and 1280 GUI time. It seems too high. How can I find what cause it? how can I locate the root case?

Please advise. Thanks so much.


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2 Answers

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    Oct 27, 2008 at 11:45 AM

    From within ST03 there is a plethora of data available to pinpoint the cause of your long resp times.

    Have a look in the 'time profile' and 'transaction profile'

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      Here are the few things to check when the GUI time is high.

      1. Check in ST03--> Transaction Profile the Tx SESSION_MANAGER may be on top id yes, the load caused by the transaction SESSION_MANAGER, combined with the high roll in + wait time could indicate that the SAP Easy Access menu might not be configured correctly and should be tuned to improve overall response times. It is also possible that your users have been assigned disproportionately large user menus. We advise you to ensure there are a reasonable number of entries (nodes) in the User Menu.

      Generally, its recommended that users should have no more than 1000 and as an absolute maximum 2000 menu nodes configured, (for comparison, the complete SAP menu contains 70,000 entries). A high number of entries may lead to high memory consumption on the server and to long response times for the menu. Refer to SAP Notes 203617 and 203994 for details

      2. ST06 --> Detail Analysis Menu --> Lan check by Ping with more than 10 Presentation


      See the Average and Loss coloumn and check wether is there any problem exits.

      However, review the following recommendations to identify any network issues. Given below are the response times which are thresholds for a good network performance.

      Recommendation: Characteristic response times are:

      - In a local area network (LAN) : <20 milliseconds

      - In a "fast" Wide Area Network (WAN) (for example, 256 or 384 KBit/sec): < 50 milliseconds

      - In a "slow" wide area network (WAN) (For example, 128 KBit/sec or less): < 250 milliseconds

      - Losses of data packets ("Loss") should not occur at all.

      Review SAP Notes 203924 (under subheading 'General Performance Analysisu2019), 8963 and 578118 for further information on SAP GUI and response time components.

      In case of long response times due to performance problems in the network (in particular when using SAPGUI in WAN), you should use configuration "Low Speed Connection" in SAPLOGON. As a result, menus are only transferred on request, and the quantity of the transferred data is reduced correspondingly. This measure reduces the network load significantly. You can find this setting option under: SAPLOGON -> PROPERTIES -> ADVANCED.

      Option for a low speed connection:

      On a low speed connection (LSC) to the network, the benefits of the improved interaction design may be outweighed by increased response times due to the heavier network traffic. To counterbalance this effect, SAP has introduced the option for a low speed connection to the network in Release 4.6. A flag can be set in the options of an SAP logon connection item or on the SAP GUI command line. This action has the following effects:

      - Menus are loaded only on demand as before

      - Background Bitmaps are not transferred (depending on the application)

      - The list control transfers only the lines that are visible on the screen

      - The application can query the flag to react to the network condition individually.

      Examine the following SAP Notes and verify that the SAP recommendations contained are fully implemented:

      - SAP Note Number 161053 Low Speed Connection is in use

      - SAP Note Number 164102 Network load between application servers +camera front end

      - SAP Note Number 62418 Network Load of SAPGUI Frontend Communication (Required Bandwidth).

      Please let me know if the performance improves.

      Thank you,


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    Nov 05, 2008 at 06:20 PM

    you can also check the user stats and times of a particular user in tcode : STAD , that will give you clear picture of high times , else run a sql trace ST01 or ST05 to find the root cause ..

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