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Oct 27, 2008 at 06:21 AM

Custom Dictionary for Data Quality in Data Services 3.0



Is there any way to run address cleansing using a custom/private database that a customer has developed and cleansed over a period of time?

The customer I'm currently working at receives data in various states of usability. They have created and maintain a database of clean addresses that they would like to compare the data coming in regularly against and use the content from this database to supplement the new data.

I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation describing this exact scenario. The closest I can find is to bulk load dictionary entries from the data base into a new dictionary, but this would mean getting the data into the correct dcdict.xsd format - something I don't really have time for.

So I'm hoping there's some standard functionality that allows me to point to this database and the engine uses it to compare incoming data streams to.

Any thoughts?