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Oct 26, 2008 at 08:38 AM

WMS - Sales BOM


Hi all,

We are looking for a pick and pack system that can do the following, but have had no luck finding something to date. Can anyone suggest an Add-On?

- To make things simpler, I am going to say we sell computers.

- A computer (parent item) is made up of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower (child items)

- We do NOT store these assembled and do NOT want to "produce" them at the point of sale as we sell hundreds of these in different pre-set combinations

- Our customers do NOT want to receive "bits" of their computer (eg: mouse, keyboard, but no monitor or tower), so all BOMs must be "complete" or we should not be allowed to ship them.

- Finally, our orders are generally for about 30 types of computer at one time, so we do not want to use the sales order as a pick list

Phew... hope that makes things clear... we have been trying to solve the above for a few years but with no luck. Hopefully with SAP's half hearted support for Sales BOMs in the pick and pack process, someone may have stepped up to the plate!



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