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Oct 24, 2008 at 08:38 PM

Live Office Errors


Anyone else having any similar errors? or have any resolutions?

BOE Version: BOE XI 3.0

Live Office Version: XI 3.0 FP2

Xcelsius Version: 2008 SP1

Description of Dashboards

· Dashboard pulls about 22 tables that have been built within a WEBI report into Excel via a Live Office connection

· I updated web services URL for each connection and set each to u2018Update on Loadu2019

· I then exported the dashboard both to a local SWF and to InfoView

So on to the issues:

· Issue #1: Iu2019ve noticed when I load the dashboard for the first time in the day that I get error LO26000, but then it doesnu2019t show up for subsequent loads during the day

· Issue #2: About 20-40% of the time, I will get errors LO26315 (one error popup is generated for each table that does not get loaded), however, I always get varying numbers of this error in one load (i.e., different numbers of tables are not getting loaded) but usually it is around 3-4 errors u2013 in addition, it is always different tables within the dashboard that donu2019t get loaded

So in other words, when loading the dashboard, about 20-40% of the time I will get these LO26315 messages, but it canu2019t be caused by specific tables that are causing errors (since different numbers of tables donu2019t get loaded AND it is different tables each time)

Re: Issue #1 u2013 I have already troubleshot the servers not being running with support and I showed them that the servers were all running, but I was still getting this error

Re: Issue#2 u2013 I originally thought this could be caused because the WEBI Processing Servers that Live Office was using to download the tables were at capacity and therefore were faulting because they did not have enough memory to allocate to the requests, so I tried assigning the WEBI source report to a WEBI Processing Server Group that we have that gets very little traffic. This seems to have reduced the number of times that I get the error messages, but hence, I am still getting them.

BTW u2013 The dashboards that Iu2019ve created that consume less tables (5-6) seem to give me errors much less frequently, if at all. So I am convinced, perhaps incorrectly, that these errors have something to do with the number of tables that Iu2019m trying to pull.