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Oct 24, 2008 at 12:30 PM

Having problems with FI-AA? Want some information and solutions?


If you are looking for information on Asset Accounting (FI-AA), I would STRONGLY suggest that you go to the following areas before posting a question.

First, the [SAP Online Help|] is the official SAP documentation and should be your first location to research issues in FI-AA. Bookmark the link. Save it. Read it. Re-read it again. Even the most experienced SAP users routinely go to the Online Help when researching an issue.

Another option is to download a .pdf copy of the Online Help. If you goto the [SAP Help Portal|] and pull up the [Print Files|], you'll be able to easily navigate through FI and find the 5 .pdfs that represent the SAP Online Help for FI-AA. However, these are only current as of R/3 4.6C whereas the Online Help link above is available for all supported releases of SAP R/3 or ERP. The benefit of the .pdf files is that it allows for you to take the material with you and search on it.

Here on SDN is a [Wiki|] with a lot of community generated content on FI-AA.

There have also been several blogs written on FI-AA by [Javier Reviriego|] [original link is broken]; and [myself|] [original link is broken];.

If you have any other sources of information feel free to post them to this thread.