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Oct 24, 2008 at 12:28 PM

Activate Cost Component Split


Hi all,

I need to activate the cost component split for a company code. The material ledger already activate to plant and actual costing too.

I checked SAP note 434873 and I have some doubts about to activate the cost component split.

We have the following scenario:

We working with configurable material

We create the sales order with a month of antecedence

When we create the sales orders, also are created process order to make the goods issue.

We don't make planning costs (transaction CK11N and CK24)

SAP recommend that all orders must be closed before executing the program MLCCS_RESET to delete the old cost component split. I won't need to execute the program MLCCS_RESET because I haven't cost component split yet.

I will execute only the program MLCCS_STARTUP.

I will close all orders that were moved in the last month before to execute the program MLCCS_STARTUP.

Are correct the procedures above?

I'm afraid in relation to sales orders and process orders that were created with a month of antecedence. I cannot lose these orders. Are there risks in relation to this point? It will be possible to make goods issue with these orders after activate the cost component split?

I made tests in the development system and didn't have problems.


Osmar Tardivo