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Is it possible to add a field to VA01/VA02 Fast Change/

Apr 27 at 08:52 PM


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We have a need to do a fast change of sales order line items, at entry time, to update the route. Is there any way to add Route to the fast change options?

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Phil Cooley Apr 28 at 07:13 AM

Hi Jim

Unfortunately not (the Route is NOT one of the standard options included) and I don't believe there is a user exit or custom function available to do this. Best way would be via transaction MASS. Run the MASS transaction and choose the [BUS2032] Sales orders object then choose Sales document header and item tables. You will need to provide selection data (to select the appropriate sales orders) then choose the ROUTE field. You will need to set values on mass and basically the same value.

If you want to set them all to different values you may need to use transaction - LSMW. You can use a spreadsheet or CSV file to perform the updates.



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Thanks for confirming my suspicions. We are trying to avoid implementing route determination and were looking for a cheesy way out of it. We really can't let the users loose with MASS or LSMW, so I'm going to suggest they either take the hard right (versus the easy wrong), or submit to manual updating at the line level.