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Oct 22, 2008 at 04:19 PM

ClassCastException running webservice from Portal Application



i got a problem with consuming a webservice from a portal application to runtime:

A test to consume the same webservice via the same webservice proxy from a servlet (as described there: Link: [] finish succesful.

I got a ClassCastException when trying to cast like this:

NotesGetNABUSER_DataService nabws = (NotesGetNABUSER_DataService) in.lookup("wsclients/proxies/");

I add a private sharing reference to the portalapp.xml:

    <property name="PrivateSharingReference" value=","/>

and also add the webservice proxy jar (found on server) file as external lib in several folders: Portal-INF/lib, Portal-INF/private/lib, Portal-INF/srclib.api and Portal-INF/srclib.core

Any suggestions?

Regards Henry