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Oct 22, 2008 at 03:36 PM

Line select Radio Button on webdynpro does not recognize change


On SRM 5.0 shopping cart screen, I have user defined table control screen implemented using Badi. The Table control screen has W/ SelColumn field 'xxxx' defined to select rows. The screen is presented with a default first row selected. When user clicks at any other row, the Field 'xxxx' module 'xyz' on Request is not executed, as if it does not recognize user action. This problem happens in WEBDYNPRO only. When the same code is tested in SAPGUI, it works correctly. Also exactly same code works on other SAP instances, 'even with WEBDYNPRO'. It looks like some problem with the HTML code. I compared the working and non working HTML code and it's same. Initially there was a problem fixed to add 'SRM_Stylesheet()` statement in HTML as the customer was upgrading from SRM 4.0 to SRM 5.0. Other installations with SRM 5.0 already had SRM_Stylesheet()` line and it works. Looks like some synchronization issue between HTML and SAPGUI. I appreciate any help on this.