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Apr 26, 2018 at 11:30 PM

No controlling type could be determined (Embedded CRM)


Hi! We have recently installed embedded CRM in S4. I have created a service order but when I try to release the order, I get an error 'No controlling type could be determined'. The detail error screen indicates that there is an error determining the PC. However, we have set up the substitution rule for profile center and the error still persists.

Note that I am using Mass-Controlling (standard default) and we do not use CO/PA. I am not sure whether I can use mass-controlling if not using CO/PA. However, I still get the same issue even if I switch to single-object controlling type. So, I believe I need to sort out the profit center determination issue first.

Any idea? This is a relatively need area so I do not have many resources to rely on.