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Oct 22, 2008 at 02:51 PM

Break implementation of Sales&Distribution FROM Production into phases


I have found this forum very helpful and responsive. Thanks for all the help.

Due to the requirement of getting the ecommerce site up fast, is it possible to just implement:

Sales Distribution side of business one 2007A


From the Production MRP modules

I suppose for this:

1. In the item master, all items for planning tab have NONE for planning method

2. Item is setup as INVENTORY and SALE ITEM in the general area

The raw materials cost are already accounted for as part of the purchase.

The question is how to deplete the raw goods inventory, when the finished good is completed.

If I use Inventory GI or GR then that would work but it will effect the inventory variance gain/loss account. Effecting this account is not quite right or is it?

Or is there another way to do it?