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Apr 26, 2018 at 03:21 PM

Converting masses of .rpt-Files from CR XI to CR 2016


Hi there,

actually we are using Crystal Reports XI for creating letters, testemonies, some statistics and so on. Over the years more than 1.000 "relevant" .rpt-Files were created and are in use.

Now (finally) we plan to upgrade to Crystal Reports 2016; the licences were paid and we are going to install the new version (we plan a parallel use of the old an new version, because we can not convert [and check] every single file in seconds).

My question is: Is there a possibility to convert these masses of rpt-Files from one version to another (without opening every single file, accept the note and save the converted file)?

It ist clear, that we have to check every single file afterwards: We have converted some files on a trial basis and noticed, that especially some subreports made problems.

Thanks in advance