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Oct 22, 2008 at 12:53 PM

How to do remov e Spaces in the output


Dear Friends,

I have developed a smartform as per requirement i require data as below

Loan type Loan Amount

102 200

103 3000

104 400

In some scenarios i will be having data where for some employees will not be using one the above loan types , for ex he is not awailing the loan type 103 , then i expected the output as only for 102 & 104

102 200

104 400

but iam getting the output as

102 200

104 400

i.e there is gap arising due ..........this because in my smartform iam having the table section

under table > Main area> Text (loan_text) . Int the loan_text have given as

&wa_final-lonatype& &wa_final-loanamt&

&wa_final-loantype1& &wa_final-loanamt1&

&wa_final-loantype2& &wa_final-loanamt2&

by which if iam not having any data coming from & wa_final-loantype1& wa_final-loanamt1&

i will be getting blank spaces................

please could any one let me know how to remove the spaces and get data as

102 200

104 400

please help me.