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external integration not calling after modify or before save

I created a webservice to create a custom business object and everything is working fine when i test from SOAP UI, when i make external integration and call it from absl the record is created but nothing from the script files (after modify, before save) is called which have code for initializing some fields and associations.

any help why the different behaviour from SOAP UI and ABSL ? i need it to go through after modify when i call the webservice from ABSL

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  • Lewis Peters code in the after modify and before save scripts is not called when using ABSL but called correctly when using the same webservice in SOAP UI.

    another problem appeared when i added a new field to my BO of type Langaugeindepenetent_long_name. updated the webservice and the external integration, now error always appears RABAX error on server side when using ABSL but still working correctly when using SOAP UI

  • If the AfterModify isn't getting triggered then it's possible that your web service call in ABSL is wrong somehow, are you getting the intended results from the response?

  • yes the record is created successfully, but the association which is supposed to be filled in the after modify is not filled.

    but it is filled correctly when i call the webservice from SOAP UI.

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