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Oct 22, 2008 at 12:40 PM

Problem with new Customer



I added a new Customer with DiApi.

1. Get a existing customer with the GetByKey Method

2. Create a new CardCode and change the customers CardCode to the new one

3. Call Add()-Method to add as a new customer


Next Step: I wrote some methods to search and show the BP-Dialog like a user will do this. The method fills the CardCode Inputfield with the new CardCode from Step 2, after this the Dialog will comitted by the Search Button. Now the dialog contains the customers data. The user is able to complete information like the customers name etc. now.

The Problem:

After changing the CardName in B1 and comitting the dialog, B1 changes the CardCode to a new one. The CardCode from Step 2 is no longer available.


Created CardCode is 1000

After changing the CardName an commit its 1001

In OCRD for example CardCode 1000 is no longer available.

Whats up there?