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SAP CBTA multiple Test Data - Each variant for each Target System SolMan 7.2

HellO Experts,

Need help with an issue in CBTA 3.0.9 on SolMan 7.2.

We have a requirement to execute scripts on multiple target systems:

Say for example, Script1 has to be executed in 3 systems:

I had created Test Data container with each variant for each system.

Variant 1 should run in System 1

Variant 2 should run in System 2

Variant 3 should run in System 3.

What i am following right now is the approach you had proposed.

But I would like to use the Test profiles defined in the script, rather than using Logoff, Login and Start transaction.

For this approach, I have to expose my user credentials as parameters which I don't want to.

Is there a way to do it in SolMan 7.2?

Any simple approach to execute multiple Test data on multiple systems.


Mohamed Ziavudeen

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3 Answers

  • Oct 26, 2018 at 08:29 AM

    Hi Mohamed,

    Is your query resolved?

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    • No. There is no perfect solution for this. There are only some work arounds which I am already aware of. I also raised an SAP service ticket but did not reeive a proper resposne so far.

  • Nov 23, 2018 at 05:21 PM

    Hello ,

    Simplest way to handle this is to create 3 different master Composite Test Configuration and call the same 3 CBTA scripts put inside the 3 different composite script and specify different value for target component in each of the 3 different master composite script, then use TDC to pass multiple values.

    You can also change the system at runtime (during execution) to execute same CBTA system on different system.

    Above are the 2 approach if you do not want to use launch and login component.



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    • Hi Ajay,

      Thanks for your information. This is only a work around which I am already aware of. But this is not a simplest solution as we have to create 3 Test configurations which takes some time. I am trying for a solution which could save my effort more.



  • 4 hours ago

    Hi Zia,

    If you don't want to expose your user credentials in LaunchandLogin component, there is one way that we can do it using environment variables.

    We need to maintain environment variables in our system, then calling the env variable names in LaunchAndLogin component.



    This way it helps.


    Vijay Jeethuri

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