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Lumira Designer 2.1 - Different chart types

Hello Experts,

I have created a simple lumira document with One Dropdown and One Chart.

My requirement is based on the Dropdown selection , chart type has to be changed along with dimension & Key Figures.

Following is Dropdown onSelect logic :





if(DROPDOWN_1.getSelectedValue()== '1')






elseif (DROPDOWN_1.getSelectedValue()== '2')












Its not working the way it suppose to if we switch from stacked Column to Bullet or Donut.

Same logic is working in Design Studio 1.6 with out any issue.

Any resolve issue in Lumira.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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  • Can you be more specific about what you mean by “Its not working the way it suppose to”? Are you receiving an error message? What is the incorrect behaviour you are experiencing compared to the expected behaviour?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Initial load:

    Switch to Bullet Chart :

    Correct result should be:

    Switch back to Bar Chart giving following message:

    When we toggle between different charts, either its picking wrong number of keyfigures or nothing is coming up as above.



    kounk.png (6.9 kB)
    cr8vo.png (7.4 kB)
    tuleb.png (9.1 kB)
    jz8gm.png (6.7 kB)
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    Apr 27, 2018 at 09:03 AM

    This is a problem with Lumira. You are right this was possible with DS 1.6.

    This is how I did it as a workaround.

    You add 3 charts Stacked, Bullet and Pie/Donut chart.

    You modify the data source for Stacked chart. You make your settings for stakced chart.

    Now you modify the same data source for Bullet chart and make your settings for bullet chart which is chart 2 you have added.

    Third, you again modify the same data source for Pie/Donut chart, and make the setttings for donut chart which is chart 3.

    You show and hide each time modify your data source through script. you show stacked column chart when you select "1" and so on.

    This is how I made it work. I hope this works for you as well.

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    • Dear Zahid,

      Thank you for the reply.

      We are doing the same as you suggested. But main issue is in the same chart (type)if we change dimensions or Keyfigures also not working.

      Since it seems a bug , I just raised an incident to SAP and keep you update on result.