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Oct 22, 2008 at 10:43 AM

ABAP OO - MEREQ (Purchase Req) - Protected Attributes


Hi Gurus !!

I'm trying to Assign data in PR (ME5xN) as I do in PO, but I'm afraid I'm facing a wall.

Here is my requirement : when a field on an item is changed (let's say AFNAM), I have to modify field in coding block, here FISTL.

I've tried a lot of syntaxes to get to the Account data, including the casting to root object one, but from an item, I can go to the Account container but then attr MY_STATE is declared as Protected...

Too bad, 'cause next step is ACCT_ITEMS, in which further are the account item, even though there's another My_State set as protected to override.

From Abap debuger, I can access to the field I want, and edit it, my value will appear in screen then.

So question is : how do I work around protected attr, can I Assign structures/table anyway ? Is there any hope ??

Thx in advance Gurus !


Edit: just to clarify, I've decided to put my code in an enhancement just before the method Process_Item of BAdI PROCESS_REQ_CUS and use the content there from object ME. I might put it back in the method, but I'm not sure content is at all taken in consideration if I succeed in modifying internal data.

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