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Oct 22, 2008 at 09:06 AM

Data Archiving - IXOS - ISO image creation failed



We are trying to connect a Netapp Filer Virtual Jukebox to IXOS 5.5D archive server. We have successfully connected the Netapp under the devices and we are able to view the "-blank-" volume.

The archival process sucessfully completed in SARA and the archived files reached the Buffer and it is also viewable in SARI. But, when we tried to write the buffer to the ISO image we are getting the following error.

Anyone can help us?


Job started on Wed Oct 22 14:00:01 2008

IMPORTANT: about to mount server WORM on host localhost, port 0, mount point /views_hs

IMPORTANT: about to mount server CDROM on host localhost, port 0, mount point /views_hs

IMPORTANT: calling cmd to get slot numbers with blank volumes from jukebox netappdev

IMPORTANT: found blank volumes of size 8190 MB

IMPORTANT: image size shall be roughly between 81 and 8026 MB

IMPORTANT: first quick check to see if enough data available

IMPORTANT: reading jobs from database

IMPORTANT: compress/encrypt documents on source HDSKs

IMPORTANT: copying documents to dir E:\iso_dir\IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y

IMPORTANT: writing IMPORT file

IMPORTANT: calling cmd to get slot numbers with blank volumes from jukebox netappdev

IMPORTANT: calling iso9660

IMPORTANT: command 'iso9660 nicenames publisher=IXOS stderr=iso9660.log preparer=DOCSVC20 applid=dsCD source="E:\iso_dir\IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y" stdout="E:\iso_images\IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y" bsize=2048 name=IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y options=repa02404' returns successfully

IMPORTANT: image E:\iso_images\IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y has 90 Mb

IMPORTANT: taking blank volume from slot 1

IMPORTANT: calling cdadm glow for volume #1

IMPORTANT: glow: capacity-report: device "netappdev" slot 1 capacity 0x3ffd24*0x800

IMPORTANT: glow: Creation of the new medium failed with error "ISO-image creation failed! Aborting write!"

IMPORTANT: glow: ISO-image creation failed! Aborting write!

IMPORTANT: glow: error -1

ERROR: command 'cdadm writer =log action=glow location=netappdev,1 image="E:\iso_images\IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y" option=verify logsize=20 2>&1' failed

IMPORTANT: calling cmd to test volume in jukebox netappdev slot #1

tested 1 slots

IMPORTANT: the volume in jukebox netappdev, slot 1 is probably bad - lay it aside!

IMPORTANT: we will retry volume #1

ERROR: all slots have been used

IMPORTANT: deleting tree E:\iso_dir\IXOS_M1_Dev_M1_0000Y

ERROR: ISO write job failed (exit code 9); dropping remaining queue entries

Job terminated on Wed Oct 22 14:00:07 2008


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