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Oct 22, 2008 at 06:56 AM

Service procuremnet


while creating serive master we assign valution class to service master which defaulted thru the service categroy that is assigned to the service master.

Whn i create PO for a service, system will not allow to enter the serviec number and asks to provide a/c assignment category - this becoz of item category.

After entering the service number system should default the G/L account number based up on the val class of the service, but it is asking to enter G/L account and costcenter mannually- Plz explain.

Where can we automatic a/c determination simulation as we do for materilas in OMWB. System asks val area, Mvt type, and val class/ mat no to execute simulation. But in the case of services we can give transaction only.

plz explaint the conditions for automatic a/c determination while creating service PO.

sori for troubling u with a comprehensive explaination.!!!!