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Former Member
Oct 22, 2008 at 12:26 AM

Settlement of WBS to the Fixed Asset in another company code


Hi Friends,

I have another problem with WBS elements and fixed assets.

I used WBS elements to create a AUC by AUC settlement in company code A. Then I put a second settlement rule with settlement type "FUL" in WBS element and settle AUC to a depreciable asset in company code A. Then I transfer the depreciable asset from company code A to company code B. Now I put the current month as the end day of the second settlement rule and add a third settlement rule in WBS element in compnay code A. The third settlement rule will settle to the depreciable asset in company B. When I am adding the third settlement rule, the system gives an error: "Asset XXXX not in company code A" .

Then I add another WBS element in company code A and put a settlement rule which settle to the depreciable asset in company code B. The system did not issue any error. Everything works fine.

So it seems the WBS element cannot settle to the asset in the other company code if it created a AUC in its own company code.

People told me that it worked in their legacy SAP system. So I am wondering whether there is some settings that I did not do, which caused this problem.

Do you have any idea about this?