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Oct 21, 2008 at 09:41 PM




After searching through forums, I understood that SFTP works like below.


XI doesnot support sftp. If We want to send a file using sftp we should write an OS script where you will have all the parameters which connects to the FTP site and do the FTP. Then in XI you can call this script before or after message processing. Once when you call this script the commands in the script get executed. You should pass your input parameter from XI to script ie., the file which you want to send.


But even there was a talk about "SSH Key", which we should use during SFTP Implementation.

1. What is this SSH Key ??

2. Since unix script is used to transfer the files, why we need this "SSH Key".

3. whether unix script will send this key to target ftp server for authentication ??

4. How to generate and who will generate this "SSH Key".

5. In what way it is different from SSL certificate ??

6. Where will we store this "SSH Key" during implementation ??