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Oct 21, 2008 at 07:08 PM

Datasource using Function Module


Hi Guys,

I have two ODS objects...the first ODS has 5 fields and it gets data from flat file.

I created a custom Datasource based on Function module and i'm extracting data from first ODS based on one of the field 'DATE'. This datasource extracts correct number of records as per my logic in RSA3.

So i think there is no problem with Datasource.

Now, i created Infosource and i'm trying to load data from Custom Datasource to second ODS. But when i start the infopackage, the records are not extracted completely...i can see 3 records sent( 0 records received) '0 from 3' records in the's a yellow request...

In status i get following message -

No request Idoc generated in BW


No request IDoc has been created in BW. A short dump has most probably been logged in BW.


Look for the short dump belonging to your data request in the short dump overview in BW. Pay attention to the correct date and time in the selection screen.

You can get the short dump list using the Wizard or from the monitor detail screen via the menu path "Environment -> Short dump -> Data Warehouse".

Removing errors:

Follow the instructions in the short dump.

Please let me know if anyone of you have faced similar problem...