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Oct 21, 2008 at 01:27 PM

LDAP_RFC Configuration


Dear experts, I have some errors here with the LDAP_RFC.

I configured in the transaction LDAP, in my Solution Manager, the integration with the CUA.

Now, I need to to sincronize the Active Directory with the CUA, via the transaction RSLDAPSYNC_USER, and appear some erros:

- Maximum number of find results exceeded

- LDAP_SEARCH failed

- The system could not create the directory objects pool

In the AD, the parameter MaxPageSize is with the value = 1000

But, looking better, I need to change the file ldap_rfc.cfg and I'm trying to use this command line, but it is not running OK.

1º - Stoped the LDAP

2º - ./ldap_rfc -a LDAP_CUA -x sapgw02 -g -pagesize 200

3º - Start the LDAP

Experts have any idea what it's happen?