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Oct 21, 2008 at 01:13 PM

how to handle execption with badi implementation ??


I'm curious what I have to do with the badi implementation of PROJECTDEF_UPDATE

I created my own implementation ZPROJECTDEF_UPDATE and want to run a check in the method AT_SAVE

when the check is ok than the it may continue to save the project if not then it has to raise an error message

I can use ofcourse message to create the error message and it's also working but I was wondering if I could also use the exception ERROR_WITH_MESSAGE in this ??

can I also pass allong the errormessage text when raising an exception ??

ofcourse I can't alter anymore the coding outside of the badi ??

what is the proper procedure how to use this badi and to raise the error message with my own text ??

and in which language is it most likely documentation or examples exist of a method or badi ? english or german ? in this case I couldn't find any example in either 😔

kind regards

arthur de smidt