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Replace search help with custom search help in FPM OIF component

Apr 26 at 03:13 PM


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I have a requirement to replace the search help for the alternative display unit of measure field on the Label set->Label definition->component Label tab and Measures view, with a custom one. After looking through other queries here I found out that it is possible to overwrite a search help in the Feeder class for the field. I could not find a Feeder class for this OIF component but found one for the initial screen (scrolling up the navigation ladder in the component configuration /PLMU/WDC_LBL_OIF_CFG). I checked the feeder class /PLMU/CL_FRW_G_FEEDER_FORM (which is the super class for the feeder class of the initial screen and has the implementation for get_definition method) method get_definition in debug to see if my field was available to modify there in ET_FIELD_DESCRIPTION, but it wasnt. Also when I tried to create a post_Exit for the class it wasnt possible as well. I am new FPM so please forgive me if I am not making an sense, but I need some directions urgently. Is there any other way to achieve this? Appreciate any help. Thank you!!

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Katja Ohliger
Apr 27 at 11:03 AM


I am not an expert of PLM, but when I had a look at configuration

/PLMU/WDC_LBL_OIF_CFG I saw that some of the subviews are not FPM. but own Web Dynpro components. You might use the 'technical help' from the context menu to check which is the current component. Maybe you have to change the web dynpro component.

Best regards, Katja

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Hi Katja,

Thank you for your reply, I do not know why I didnt look at it that way. I was focusing solely on the FPM component that I failed to realize that the subviews I need to work on are indvidual web dynpro components. I have now been able to change the search help at the view level. Thank you for pointing that out.