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Oct 21, 2008 at 09:31 AM

Webtools PL12 sync problem



I'm having a problem with Webtools Patch 12.

Rather than try an upgrade from 5.9 I went for a totally clean installation.

Backed up and removed all traces of Netpoint 5.9 from webserver.

Installed new Webtools installer and created new instance/database on webserver.

Installed new Synchtools on a server in our organisation, which has nothing else running on it.

The Server in question has 4 dual-core CPOus and 32GB of RAM, and about a bazillion Mb of disk space.

Ran the SynchManager and installed the plugin on our database, and started the sync service.

Then did the initial Queing of records.

PRX_ count is about 1 million records.

Now I start the sync.

The tool goes through all the "loading Queues" until it gets to "Loading Contacts Queue" and then nothing.

When I check the sync service, it has stopped. Nothing logged in the Application log for Windows.

Once I managed to get it to actually start syncing but then after a few hours the service stopped (again no errors) and since then it has been the same problem. The actual application log file just ends with the Loading Contacts entry.

Memory usage gets to about 3.6GB (1.8 physical and 1.8 swap) before the whole thing just dies.

What I don't understand is why no error messages logged.

I can sync up another, smaller database no problem - this one has about 100,000 PRX_ records to begin with, so the only difference I can see here is the amount of records.

Also, why does the synch tool insist on loading every queu into memory before the sync begins? Even when you have told it not to sync certain things? The list of loaded queues is hardcoded into the synchtool which seems very wasteful to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.