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FB1D update error in BDC.

Apr 26 at 08:13 AM


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Hi All,

I am facing one error in BDC, Call transaction .

Aim is to Use F-32 BDC, when I am executing the BDC, it will create IDOC.

But It is showing error in WE05 : update error FB1D, With rerutn code 009.

Can anyone help on this?


Kumar gourav.

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2 Answers

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Kumar Gourav Malik May 04 at 05:42 PM

Problem solved, line item already cleared in table level.Data was wrong.

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Raymond Giuseppi Apr 26 at 09:04 AM

For your reference FB1D is the actual transaction behind parameter transaction F-32. Did you analyze the BDC execution or update task error, too many errors are possible to guess it. Analyze the BDC or post much more information.

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My BDC running fine , when idoc generating,

Here in sm13 / we05 showing , Error Info... Clearing: Line item 002 in document 1000 1400020257 2017 already cleared.

We are using / copying one idoc ...How can I avoid this ? is this from functional /technical side?


Seems you try to clear an already cleared item to generate an IDoc, if I understand which one and why?


Yes for this topic, I need to discuss with functional, let me talk, I will update here.



Hi Raymond,

In My cases 2 thing happening :

1) line item is still open but in sm13 / sbwp saying line item cleared.

2) After whole process, when I am posting F-32, Then "update was terminated " error coming, as per update debugger sy-oncom is V here, but in standard all code written for N, P, E.

Can you help what to now?


Kumar Gourav Malik

Did you analyze in ST22 - Error analysis and how to correct the error?


No run time error coming...Only update cacelled error coming & mail coming to SBWP.