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Fiscal year in planning filter takes too long to load and gives dump

Apr 30 at 06:53 AM


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Dear Experts,

When I try to load the value of 0fiscyear in planning filter, to execute the planning sequence, the time taken is too long and finally ends in dump. My filter is created on aggregation level based on composite provider.

The settings for 0fiscyear info-object are -

Query Definition- Only Values in Infoprovider

Query Execution - Only posted values for navigation.

I tried changing the query definition value to - 'Values in Master Data table', but it doesnt help. Any suggestions ?

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2 Answers

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Caglayan Adiguzel Apr 30 at 11:01 AM

Hi Saurabh,

try to see the values at BEx Query Designer level and confirm if there is no problem there. Then try to run the report with a fixed filter(take out the filter variable and put any year from the list) at 0fiscyear. If there is no problem, we are getting to the point that your variable might have some kind of problem. Please share its settings and specify if it has some kind of exit option somewhere etc.

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Hi Caglayan,

The error/dump is received while entering the filter value for planning sequence.



Sorry. Can you share some information about your system and versions of BW and BPC?

Can you confirm that 0FISCYEAR only has appropriate values inside(regarding with aggregation level) and that aggregation level is working at any bex query without a problem?

In the mean time did you check ST22? We need more information about the dump, it might reveal more information...

Cornelia Lezoch May 02 at 11:46 AM

Hi Saurabh,

did you set 0FISCVARNT to a fixed value?

What is underneath the aggregation level? Is there a multi provider? Are the 2 Char identified in the multi provider correctly?



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