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Oct 21, 2008 at 07:01 AM

How to Kickstart on BADI / User Exit Macros ... Sample Code



Can someone Guide me on how to Create a User Exit Macro via SMOD - APODM005 in a Planning Book ?

I know the above User Exit and some Code needs to be put in Inclue ZXDMUSERU05 .. but not clear how or what ?

Please provide a SMALL SAMPLE Code including what it does and examples of KeyFigures in your Planning Book it manipulates. Asking to someone who has actually successfully Deployed a BADI / UserExit Macro for a End-Need.

Say as an example ...

I have a Planning Book : PBTest, View : PBViewTest

In the ADVM Screen I create a BADI Macro with the Name


Let's for the sake of example say I have Keyfigures KF1, KF2, KF3 in my Planning Book and I want to Manipulate the Values of these which is not possible with Standard Macros ...

Now using the above User Exit, how do I start by Putting in the Code referencing the above Planning Book, View and Macro Names and the Keyfigures ? What is the Name of the Procedure in the above Include. How does System know if there are many BADI Functions for many PlanningBooks ... then how does the System know which Procedure inside the Include to Execute

and which not to Execute.