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Number of Concurrent Connections using DI API with Manager user


I have an external C# winforms application which uses some DI Objects to pull data, and then post Goods Issue and Goods Receipt in SBO.
I was under the impression if I use Manager to connect DI API and make the postings then it can run concurrently on all my systems, in this case 4. But when I try to login a third time with Manager, it gives the following message:

Add-On has already logged on with the same account in ()(SERVER-3)

Kindly tell me if there is any restriction of DI connections allowed through Manager, or is there a setting which can make this work. Or we would need to acquire license for this?


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  • Hi Saad Sabri,

    Your issue relates to SAP Note 1815509.

    You can refer to “What’s New Guide” where a logon limitation is mentioned which describes:

    Apply logon limitations for indirect access:

    Only one machine can run an add-on at any one time. An exception will occur if a second machine attempts to log on. Only add-ons within the SAP Business One client are permitted to remain working on both a locked and working machine. This is the only case where two add-on sessions can run simultaneously.

    Please note If user log on via DI. It is indirect access.

    Hope it helps!

    Kind regards,


    SAP SME Support

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