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Dynamic Fiori Tile Information

Apr 29 at 11:01 PM


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I’m having trouble showing dynamic information in the Fiori tiles. I found a couple blogs on how dynamic information can be shared with the tiles, but it’s not working (though by all indications, it should be).

  • I created a very simple HDB Calculation View and (for testing purposes) hard-coded a number of values, with the correct names
  • I exposed the Calculation View as an OData API

The OData response is shown here:

My first question is: are the names of the elements above correct? I found them here. The tile, unfortunately, does not reflect the values that I've hard-coded (except the 'number' value, which does seem to work).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Gregor Wolf
Apr 30 at 06:29 AM

I think the issue is caused by the fact that you request the entity set (results array) and not the entity. The HANA development guide contains this example:

    "info":"Quarter Ends!",
    "subtitle":"Quarterly overview",
    "title":"Travel Expenses"

I followed the Blogpost Creating Dynamic App Launcher Fiori Tile for SAP BPC to recreate this on my ABAP System and got this dynamic tile:

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Hi Gregor: thank you so much for the response! I think that is the issue exactly -- I was so focused on the names of the elements that I completely overlooked the OData response structure. So my follow-up question is (and you may not know), how do I get a calculation view to return a single entity and not a set. I am not using an S/4 HANA system in this case, so I can only use a calculation view to create the OData response. Unfortunately, the ABAP examples, while really clear and well-explained, don't help in this particular case.


I would think the most straight forward solution would be an XSJS script that creates the needed output JSON and calls your Calculation View. What happens when you access the entity that is returned from your current OData service?


Hello again, Gregor. What I ended up doing is calling the OData service with a key so I would get a single entity, rather than a collection. I added a 'calculated column' to the Calculated View with the name "ID" and a constant value of "1." Once I did that, and called with the key of '1,' I got back a single entity, so all of the values are correctly reflected. Thank you so much for your help, again, it got me going down the right road!