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Former Member
Oct 21, 2008 at 04:05 AM

Same Batch with different expiry dates


Dear all,

My vendor produced the same batch Y28 at an interval of 3 days eg 10/10/2008 , 11/10/2008, 12/10/2008 with an expiry date of 1year.

He sent in the batch Y28 to me with the following expiry date 10/10/2009, 11/10/2009 and 12/10/2009.

During GR, I need to enter the expiry date. However, I realised that the Batch Master for the same batch can only have 1 expiry date. I end up with the latest expiry date of 12/10/2009.

Could anyone advise on how the above scenario sould be handled?

Can I maintain 3 different expiry date for the same batch?

Is it a norm that the same batch can have different expiry date?

Thank you