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can anyone give wht extactly mean of fields in dynamic action i mean fc,no,s, variable etc

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2 Answers

  • Oct 21, 2008 at 03:39 AM

    A dynamic action has the following components.

    Infotype Number (INFTY): specifies the infotype for which you want the dynamic action triggered

    Subtype (SUBTY): narrows the focus to a specific subtype

    Field Name (FIELDN): starts your action when a maintenance function is performed on a particular field

    Function (FC): specifies the various maintenance operations to which your dynamic action would respond. They are 02 (change); 04 (create); 06 (create and change); 08 (delete); 10 (change and delete); 12 (create and delete). Dynamic actions are only applicable in maintenance operations, not in display functions.

    Sequence Number (NO): refers to a sequential number.

    Step (A): specifies a particular type of action. No dynamic action is executed if the function character has a value other than one of the following:

    P: Plausibility checks, which allow you to check certain conditions.

    I: Calls an infotype for processing

    W: Called after the I statement and used to assign values to screen fields while creating or copying another infotype record through the I statement

    F: Calls a FORM routine (subroutines in ABAP) during your action. The routine may reside in or out the module pool MPNNNN00.

    V: Lets you treat collectively a number of fields for which you want to define a common dynamic action

    M: Sends SAP Office mail

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    Oct 21, 2008 at 03:47 AM

    FC : Function Character

    Each values has it own meaning like

    00 for Independent of the current function carried out

    02 for Change

    04 for Create

    06 for Change and create

    08 for Delete

    10 for Change and delete

    12 for Create and delete

    eg: If you want to create a record, use FC 04, or delete the existing ans creating new, then use 12.

    No: Sequence Number

    Eg, For intype 0001, if you few lines of code with 1 step in each,then each step will be identified by a sequence number.

    01, 02, 03....

    S: Step

    This field also determines, what kind of action you want to perform, when you enter data in certain field, or when you want to call another infotype.

    Eg: To check conditions like Emp grp 01, subgroup 2, (You enter Value P in Step column,

    If those values are found, then create a new infotype( IN this you use the Step Value as I.

    Other indicators of Step are as follows,

    P - Check conditions

    I - Maintain infotype record

    W - Set default values when creating a new record

    V - Reference to another step

    F - Call routine

    M - Send mail



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