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Apr 27, 2018 at 11:32 AM

PI Scenario fails, resend does not work, test message does


Hello Guys,

so, as stated in title, I have this scenario on my hands.

Little information:

It's async SAP -> Third Party Service scenario. It's based on IC and basically just converts an IDOC to HTTP POST.

This scenario is in production environment and processes about 350 messages a day successfully. About one message in 1000 fails. This is a small number, however, this functionality is critical, so we still try to solve it.

This all runs on PO 8.0.

Now to my question:

The failed messages returns a: STATUS_CODE_NOT_OK-Internal Server Error

When I hit resend, I get back the exact same error and the sending fails.

But here is the problem: If I just take the IDOC from first step (before mapping), and i run it through NWA->SOA->Monitoring->Send Test Message using the same exact scenario that failed in the first place, and failed via resending, the message will process and get delivered successfuly.

Do you guys have any idea why this might be the case, or give some pointer as to what to look for?