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Massive user deletion via eCATT

Apr 27 at 11:14 AM


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I was asked delete over 600 000 user IDs from a SAP system (the user IDs were created automatically by clicking on a web link and shouldn't be there).

I wanted to use eCATT for that -> TCD (Record ) -> SU01

The problem is that I am able to delete only 9 997 users during one eCATT script run. Even if I put much more user IDs to the Variant file. SAP simply finish when delete 9 997 users.

Is there any limit that the Variant file can have only 10 000 rows (3 lines standardly generated + 9 997 Variants)
Is it possible to extend the limit?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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2 Answers

Mike Pokraka Apr 27 at 11:18 AM

Shouldn't take more than half an hour to write a simple ABAP program. If you're not friends with ABAP then get a developer involved.

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theoretically it seems to be a good idea. Practically it is not. The customer has very strict rules. It would take one month to arrange access for a developer to the system. And it would take another one month to go through all approval procedure to push a transport request to production system.


Well, if the users aren't causing any harm...

Otherwise it doesn't take _that_ long to chop 600k records up into 61 segments and run them one after another. A couple of hours at most, less time than trying to figure out alternatives.

Personally I find it more than a bit bizarre that they have such supposedly strict controls on programs but hey, lets wave eCATT scripts through they can't do anything harmful like delete users or anything like that. It's a bit reminiscent of a recent thread Why are the people who define allowed transactions in production apparently not very smart?

Ajay Hoskote Somashekar
May 04 at 07:01 AM

Hello Barbora,

eCATT is generally used for functional testing and not for master data creation/deletion.

Between wrt to number of records, did you try using External Variant ? passing value through excel to the Test Configuration ?

May be you can try to create excel file with all the records to be deleted and pass it to Test Configuration.

Hope it helps.



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