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Scenario not working after transport to QA


My scenario is not working in QA after transporting all the objects from DEv.I activated all the ID objects and compared with Dev objects.It is file to Idoc.All teh IR objects are also active.

My file adapter is not picking the file as file dir etc are correct.I cant see my sender CC in communication channel monitoring under my business service.

Pls let me know if I missed somethinmg after transporting



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4 Answers

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    Oct 20, 2008 at 07:22 PM

    First of all check the Sender Agreement, if you have created it.

    You need to change the source dir path in Sender CC as per the QA system.

    Secondly check the dir authorization for read/write/delete the file in QA system.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi! RP@261,

      Even though you have done all the below steps please make sure oneagain if you done correctly or not...

      I want to answer this thread as 2 that I dont want to miss any information........

      PART 1:

      First after eecuting currently in the DEV Server...

      While Transporting you can do it two ways....

      1. Transport Using CMS and

      2. File System.

      Lets discuss reg CMS Server...

      1. If you take CMS first configure your CMS settings that means create Tracks for both IR part and ID part

      2. Now Go to IR part of XI and also before transporting make sure whether you have activated all those your

      Objects or not if yes then proceed for Transporting...

      3. In Tools you can select Transporting Objects there select your entire SCV and select option VIA CMS

      4. After doing that successfully you can get those object in CMS server in *DEvelopment Tab* and the by

      pressing Export button and you can move from DEV to COnsolidation TAB after that move to

      ASsembly there dont go to Approval TAB because you need to move only to QA Environment right

      Note : Before doing this first make sure that Whether you have moved All your SLD Objects or not....

      For again moving SLD objects::

      GO to all of your SLD Objects by clicking your SLD object and now Press Button EXPORT and

      then save your SLD object on your local desktop and now Go to QA SLD and now reimport your

      Software Component to that SLD by going in Administration Tab in SLD select optio

      *IMPORTnext after importing all of your SLD objects and also doing Tranporting all IR and ID objects

      successfully go to ................( please make sure the belo points)

      Log on to the Integration Repository of the consolidation system to check the result.

      5. In the menu, choose Tools-->Find Transports.then do define your search criteria for the Import.

      Then it shows that the search result shows that the software component was Imported


      6. Now go to QA IR or ID part (Configuration part) and choose Change lists Tab.

      Enter LSADMIN as the user. Ensure that the Open checkbox is selected. Then Choose Display

      7. Select the corresponding XI 3.0 Import change list that you want to import and in the context

      menu, choose Transfer

      8. Right click on XI 3.0 Import --> Transfer.

      Note: The original name of the change list is not displayed here and Now again enter the your User Name and press display and then Activate all those your chage Lists..........

      Most Important thing is When communication channels are imported, all system-specific information is removed.

      System specific information means some of the mandatory parameters in communication channel will be lost while importing into Consolodating system.

      So, you need to edit all those parameters and some little bit development is involved.

      Enter values for all the required fields for the relevant adapter type like Source directory path and server name and address ,etc.

      Now check once by executing your Scenario...

      PART 2:

      Still if you are facing same problem go to Transaction Code: SXI_CACHE and do cache refresh so that it may be reflected by refreshing all the IR and ID objects.

      Also do ADapter cache refresh...refresh in same Transaction code...

      Or else if you are adminstrator go to TCode : SMICM and go to MEnu--> As JAva and --> Do j2EE soft Restart instead of Soft Restart...or else ask your basis poeple to do the same...

      Note: WHile doing J2EE engine restart please make sure any Transactions or else any one or working on PI because it may take 20-25 mins to become server up again ...

      I hope it will be useful to you in final case...Suppose if it is useful to you please close this and award points to the repective contributors if it is useful to you..


      Amar Srinivas ELi

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    Former Member
    Oct 20, 2008 at 05:24 PM


    You need to recofigure all CC after trasporting to Q / P. Please check if you have maintained all rek. parameters for File sender CC and reactivate it.

    How about RWB? does it shows your CC there?


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    • Former Member Former Member


      In QA, when I create send File CC, I don't see any value in adapter engine.If I select other adapter type, I can see 'Integration server' but for File adapteer I dont get it.Is this craeting any problem?


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    Former Member
    Oct 20, 2008 at 05:49 PM

    Can you please check if the sender File adapter is active in communication channel.Also whats the polling interval set there



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    Former Member
    Oct 20, 2008 at 06:38 PM

    >>My file adapter is not picking the file as file dir etc are correct..

    Check File Adapter is Active or not.

    Check File Name and Directory name are correct. (They are case sensitive)

    Check File with same name is available in the mentioned directory.

    Check the Polling Interval.

    Also verify the Sender Agreement for the corresponding CC.

    For more assistance go to Communication Channel Monitoring and check its status.



    Edited by: Farooq Farooqui on Oct 21, 2008 12:09 AM

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