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Show Sales Order with Corresponding Invoice with or without Delivery

Nov 03, 2016 at 01:57 AM


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Good Day, newbie here

i am trying to get the Sales Order Record via range of Dates, what it should look like:

| CardName | SoDate | SO# | SoAmount | INVDate | INVAmount | INVGrossProfit |

"Where SOAmnt = SUM(RDR1.Price*RDR1.Quantity) and INVAmnt SUM(INV1.Price*INV1.Quantity)"

What i have tried so far is this;

SELECT T0.CardName, T5.SlpName, T0.DocDate [SO Date], T0.DocNum [SO#], (SELECT DISTINCT SUM(T9.Price*T9.Quantity) FROM ORDR T8 INNER JOIN RDR1 T9 ON T8.DocEntry = T9.DocEntry WHERE T8.DocNum = T0.DocNum ) [SOTotal],

--SUM(T1.Quantity*T1.Price) [SO Total],

T3.DocDate [TRA Date], SUM(T3.Quantity*T3.Price) [TRA Amount], SUM(T3.GrssProfit) [Gross Profit] FROM ORDR T0 INNER JOIN RDR1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry INNER JOIN DLN1 T2 ON T2.BaseEntry = T1.DocEntry AND T2.BaseLine = T1.LineNum LEFT JOIN INV1 T3 ON T3.BaseEntry = T2.DocEntry AND T3.BaseLine = T2.LineNum LEFT JOIN OINV T4 ON T3.DocEntry = T4.DocEntry RIGHT JOIN OSLP T5 ON T1.SlpCode = T5.SlpCode


GROUP BY T0.DocDate, T3.DocDate,T0.CardName, T5.SlpName, T0.DocNum

ORDER BY T5.SlpName, T0.CardName

What i am getting with this query is that it will only get SO that already have an invoice, what i want is even if there is not yet invoice like if it still on delivery i'll just out "On Delivery" on that null field.

Thanks for your answers in advance

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1 Answer

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Former Member Nov 04, 2016 at 01:20 AM

This solved it.

SELECT DISTINCT T9.SlpName, T1.CardName [Customer Name], T1.DocNum [SO No.], T1.DocDate [SO Date], T1.DocTotal [SO Total], T3.DocNum [Delivery Doc Num], T5.DocNum [TRA No], T5.DocDate [TRA Date], T5.DocTotal [TRA Total], T5.GrosProfit [Gross Profit] FROM RDR1 T0 INNER JOIN ORDR T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry left outer join DLN1 T2 on T2.BaseEntry = T0.DocEntry left outer join ODLN T3 on T2.DocEntry = T3.DocEntry left Outer join INV1 T4 on T4.BaseEntry = T3.DocEntry and T4.BaseLine = T2.Linenum and T4.BaseType = 15 OR (T4.Basetype=17 and T4.BaseEntry=T0.DocEntry and T4.BaseLine=T0.LineNum) left outer join OINV T5 on T5.DocEntry = T4.DocEntry left outer join OSLP T9 on T9.SlpCode = T1.SlpCode WHERE T1.[DocDate] BETWEEN '10.01.16' AND '10.27.16' Group by T9.SlpName, T1.[CardName], T1.[DocNum], T1.[DocDate], T1.DocTotal, T3.DocNum, T5.DocNum, T5.DocDate, T5.DocTotal, T5.GrosProfit

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