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LOCL printer printing to wrong tray

Good morning

In my company we use mostly LOCL printers, which print to the default printer in Windows.

Everything worked as expected until the drawer settings started getting ignored.

As a specific example, I have a printer that prints from Windows/Office, etc to Drawer 3. When I print from SAP to LOCL printer the job shows in the correct printer but ignores the settings and prints to Drawer 2.

This behavior affects SAP GUI 7.5, 7.4 and 7.3 and started in phases.

First it was on brand new pcs with Windows 10 installed fresh.

Now it's "spreading" to old pcs, also in Windows 10.

As for the LOCL settings i'm using SWIN as device type and F: Host end printing, to __DEFAULT printer.

I tried several different Drivers, Device types and host spool access methods

Hopefully somebody knows what causes this.



Meanwhile I changed configurations to device type G:

The windows printer select popup appears, we select the printer and it prints correctly.

When I activate the setting "No Device Selection at Frontend" the popup doesn't appear and it prints to the wrong drawer

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1 Answer

  • Apr 30, 2018 at 08:11 AM

    Hello Alvaro,

    1) Does the access method G have the right printer by default, or do you have to make a selection in the menu?

    2) In Windows, is the selected default printer also the desired printer?

    Can you take a screenshot of the issue with access method g selection dropdown and also the Windows default printer selection.

    What is the printer tray set to as per this example?

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    • Hi, thanks for your answer. I couldn't reply right away because it's been crazy here!

      This is how I have the LOCL printer configured

      Access: G

      default printer: __DEFAULT

      No Device Selection at Frontend: OFF

      (not shown - Device Type: SWIN)

      When I print to the LOCL printer a windows popup appears to select the printer, with the default printer selected.

      And when I click Print it prints to the correct printer/tray.

      This is working as intended.

      My issue is, when I select "No Device Selection at Frontend: ON" I expect it to print to the default printer/tray.

      What happens is that it prints to the default Printer but totally ignores windows configuration and prints to the wrong tray.

      Specifically, I have a printer with 4 trays, each with different types of paper, and I have 4 printers configured in windows, one for each tray.

      With "No device selection at frontend: OFF" I print to "Printer3 - recycled", popup appears, job is sent and prints correctly

      With "No device selection at frontend: ON" the job appears on windows in "Printer3 - recycled", but prints to Tray 4 (fax paper)

      access.jpg (18.2 kB)
      output.jpg (42.5 kB)