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Oct 20, 2008 at 01:34 PM

Recursive BOM error 69 on Production Order


Hi All,

Who can help? We have had an Non Conformance on a Item which required to be modified to be useable, Unfortunately this modification made this part unique and had to be entered directly into a Production Order. Because this part is unique to the PO and not found in any BOM this part holds a Low-Level code of 000. Because the assembly we have to substitute this unique part into has a Low -Level Code 010 we are getting the error massage 69 Recursive BOM. We will not change the BOM because this part will never appear again and therefore will never be a alternative part so the master BOM must remain unchanged. Although this does not cause a problem in actioning the PO it will stop reporting on the shortages being visible due to the reporting functionality getting the recursive 69 error massage, and all parts of the PO BOM being blocked . The PO had to be created in advance of it being ready to release due to traceability of the Material Substitution. If it had been done on a planned order we could not track the change.


Master BOM A (LL Code 010)

Contains material B (LL Code 011)

C (LL Code 015)

D (LL Code 025)

Production Order BOM A (LL Code 010)

Contains material B (LL Code 011)

C (LL Code 015)

Z (LL Code 000) unique part only to this production Order master BOM does not change

Can anyone advise the best way to get around the recursive BOM error?