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Oct 20, 2008 at 12:49 PM

Stock transfer with delivery in purchasing Problem


Hi Gurus,

I have perform all points needed to be done (as mentioned in Note 498143),

Note 498143 :

1. You must assign a delivery type to the purchase order document

type/supplying plant combination. You can do this in the IMG for

purchasing under "Purchase Order --> Set Up Stock Transport Order

--> Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule". NL (Replenishment

delivery) is provided for intra-company-code stock transfers and

NLCC (Replenishment delivery cross company) for cross-company-code

stock transfers.

2. You must assign sales and distribution (SD) organizational units

to the supplying plant. They are a sales organization and a

distribution channel. Purchasing --> Purchase order --> Set up

Stock Transport Order --> Plant.

3. You must assign a customer master record to the receiving plant.

IMG Purchasing --> Purchase Order --> Set Up Stock Transport Order

--> Plant. You require a customer master record for the receiving

plant. This customer master record must be created for the

organizational units of the supplying plant (point 2) (Logistics

--> Sales and Distribution --> Master Data --> Business Partners

--> Customers --> Create -> sales and distribution VD01 or total


For the intra-company-code stock transport, it is sufficent to

create the customer master record as a goods recipient (VD01).

For the cross-company-code stock transport with shipping and

billing documents, a complete cutomer master reccord is required


4. For the material to be transferred, you must create the sales

organization data for the sales organization/distribution channel

of the supplying plant (point 2), and you must maintain the sales

view (general plant data) for the supplying plant.

5. If there is a cross-company-code stock transport, you must

create a vendor master record for the purchasing organization of

the receiving plant. You must assign the supplying plant to the

vendor master record. The assignment is executed in the vendor

master record from the purchasing organization screen using "Extras

--> Additional Purchasing Data".

6. You must enter a shipping point for the combination of

shipping condition (from the customer master record of the

ordering plant, see point 3) - loading group (from the material

master) - supplying plant, IMG: Logistics Execution --> Shipping

10.10.2008 Page 2 of 6

--> Basic Shipping Functions --> Shipping Point and Goods Receiving

Point Determination --> Assign shipping points.

after performing all this points, I still have Error messages :

This is an intra-company transfer.

red one : Not possible to determine shipping data for material P442

yellow one : Customer 9991 does not exist (please change entry in plant 2000)

I have created this customer 9991 and assigned to the division 2000

thanks to any help or suggestion.