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formatter not found when using ItemTemplate ?

Hey All,

I've read everything I can find on this and I seem to be missing something. When starting my app at the Master.view I dynamically build the screen with an itemTemplate. This all works fine but when I try to use a formatter in it, it says it can't find it. The same formatter.js with another function works fine for a standard xml view. Here are some details.

Here is the formatter.js. Ignore the simplicity, I've stripped out the logic so it always returns a Value.State.Error. If it works, everything will be red.

sap.ui.define(["sap/ui/core/ValueState"], function(ValueState) {
	"use strict";
	return {
		dueDateColor: function(sWord) {
				return ValueState.Error;

Here is the header of my Master.controller.js

], function(Controller, Filter, FilterOperator, MessageToast, formatter) {
	"use strict";
	return Controller.extend("MyActivities.controller.Master", {
		formatter: formatter,

Here is my ItemTemplate.

var itemTemplate = new sap.m.ObjectListItem({
	title: "{Description}",
	type: "Active",
	press: [this.GoToDetail, this],
	attributes: [new sap.m.ObjectAttribute({
		text: "{AccountTxt}"
	}), new sap.m.ObjectAttribute({
	text: "Due: { path: 'ToDate', type: 'sap.ui.model.type.Date', 
			  formatOptions: {style: 'long', UTC: true}, 
			  formatter: '.formatter.dueDateColor'}"

Someone on Stack had this problem and solved it by adding the 'complex' binding parameter to the bootstrap in the index.html. Not sure why, but I tried it nonetheless. No dice.

<script id="sap-ui-bootstrap"
	data-sap-ui-resourceroots='{"MyActivities": ""}'>

The formatter.js is found for a different function without a problem on my Detail.view.xml, but that is simply... it is not build with ItemTemplate.

<DisplayListItem label="Emp. Resp." value="{parts: [{path: 'ResponsibleTxt'}], formatter:'.formatter.employeeResponsibleNameOnly'}"/>

I appreciate any help, perhaps just another set of eyes to see something obvious I've been staring at for a couple hours now. My only thought is that this has something to do with ItemTemplate or ObjectListItem.


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    Apr 27, 2018 at 06:22 AM

    Hi Greg,

    Actually your detail view is an xml view whereas it looks like you are writing template item in master in javascript , so to access formatter access like this .. instead of passing formatter as a string you need to pass the functiion in the formatter attribute .. (self points to this)

    var self = this;

    var itemTemplate =newsap.m.ObjectListItem({title:"{Description}",type:"Active",

    	press:[this.GoToDetail, this],attributes:[newsap.m.ObjectAttribute({text:"{AccountTxt}"}),newsap.m.ObjectAttribute({text:"Due: { path: 'ToDate', type: 'sap.ui.model.type.Date', 
    			  formatOptions:{style:'long', UTC: true}, 
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