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MDG Organization Structure

Apr 26 at 10:00 PM


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Hi MDG Experts,

We are currently in the stage of implementing SAP MDG for a legacy ERP system across Europe. We are looking at different scenarios on how we will be mapping the Organization Structure. There are 2 options that we are looking at namely the following:

Option 1. Map the current Non - SAP countries with a different Organization structure during go live and then when the countries implement SAP ERP in the future and replace the Legacy system. Create a new Organization Structure and do a data conversion to the new organization Structure.

Option 2. Map the current Non - SAP Countries with the actual Organization Structure that will be used even when moving to SAP ERP. And when the time comes that the countries will go Live with SAP ERP just point the existing Organization Structure to the SAP ERP system upon go live.

Kindly let us know if anyone has had any experience with any of the approach and what will be your recommended route.



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Pavan Bhamidipati Apr 27 at 07:48 AM


As per my experience and cases which I have gone through, usually, we define an organization structure which almost meets the Production environment. This is because we gradually build the organization structure keeping in mind about the customer needs.

Since the organization structure can be defined independently. However, in your case, I would think the second option would be a nice approach if you are sure that the organizational structure would not have major changes. You always have a possibility to define the validity(BEGDA / ENDDA) of the organization structure and define a proper plan version(00 / 01). So in this way you are trying to control country related structures by defining plan version and validity.

Please share your thoughts as well.


Pavan Bhamidipati

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Thanks very much, Pavan for your response. I can see that using the same has a lot of benefits in moving forward with the organization structure. The changes you are mentioning I think is more on the data mapping itself when we transition to SAP. Since we will be having some custom fields to cater to the legacy system. These custom fields might change the behavior when we transition. which as you have said the validity will be able to handle this.